PTFE Lined Gear Operated Ball Valve

PTFE Lined Gear Operated Ball Valve
Product Description

PTFE Lined Gear Operated Ball Valve

Construction of Material :-

Casting Material Specifications :-

  • Cast Iron : IS 210, G.R.F. G.200
  • Ductile Iron : ASTM A395
  • Cast Steel: ASTM A216, G.R. WCB
  • S. S. 304 : ASTM A351 CF8
  • S. S. 304L : ASTM A351 CF3
  • S. S. 316 : ASTM A351 CF8M
  • S. S. 316L : ASTM A351 CF3M
  • Alloy 20 : ASTM A351 CN7M
Design Standard :-
  • Ball Valve, 2 Pieces    : BS 5351, Short / Long Pattern.
  • Ball Valve, 3 Pieces    : BS 5351, Long Pattern.
Standard Resin Specifications :-
  • PFA       :   ASTM D 3418
  • FEP       :   ASTM D 2116
Service Temperature : -
PFA :-

  • Maximum continuous service temperature    :   265° C
  • Melt point:   305° C
FEP :-
  • Maximum continuous service temperature    :   200° C
  • Melt point : 260° C
Lining Thickness : -
  • Minimum Lining thickness would be 3.0 mm over all wetted portion.
Chemical Inertness :-
  • PFA/ FEP is chemically inert to most of the all chemicals and solvents with the exception of molten alkali metals.
  • PFA / FEP lined valves are used to convey, and are inert to, these chemicals : All acids including hydrofluoric, sulphuric and aqua regia, all caustic, all chlorides organic and inorganic, all solvents, all bleach solutions, all peroxides, all phenols and any combinations of above materials.
  • Combined with the chemical inertness of PFA / FEP is its unique non-stick property. Thus a PFA / FEP lined products eliminate or minimize the built up of deposits of the products which otherwise reduce flow and affect processing operations.     
  • PFA / FEP Lined Ball Valves Finish :-
  • The interior surface of all valves are clean and free of mold burrs, rust, scale or others that may adversely affect the performance of lining.
  • The exterior surface of all valve bodies are be cleaned by sand / shot blasting and painted by 1 coat of Epoxy primer and 2 coats of Polyurethane Top coat.
  • Products Inspection and Testing :-
  • Hydrostatic Pressure :-
  • Body Test   : 10 Kg/Cm2
  • Seat Test    : 10 Kg/Cm2
  • (Hydrostatic pressure at room temperature using clean water.)
  • Electrostatic Pressure :-
  • Non-destructive high-voltage test at an output voltage of 10,000 V. When electric contact is made, a visible/ audible spark or both occur at the probe if there is any defect in lining.
Visual Inspection :-
  • All surfaces are free from blister, porosity or any other defect. All checks / tests are conducted before shipment.
Storage & Transport :-
  • Each end of valve is protected by specially made rubber cap so that products are capable to withstand normal handling during transport.
  • All the materials are supplied with export wooden case or card box packing depending upon the weight and mode of shipment.
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